Paired Text Strategy Instruction

Venn Diagram
Enchanted Learning has dozens of Venn diagrams available for student use. They must be printed and can not be used online. Blank Venn’s with two or three circles are available as well as Venn diagrams pertaining to specific areas of study.
Read, Write, Think offers a PDF version of a two circle Venn diagram.
EduPlace also offers a PDF version of a two circle Venn diagram. This one is well suited for a primary student as it includes wide spaced lines within the circles for student writing.
Read, Write, Think offers an online interactive Venn diagram. Students can not save their work, they must complete it online and print it out.

Type in your topic, subject, and teacher name and this web site will generate a KWL graphic organizer which you can print out for student use.
ABC teach has premade KWL charts for many topics. Click and print.
Scholastic offers a blank KWL which can also be used on an interactive whiteboard.

This school district offers an online template which students can complete online and print.
Read, Write, Think offers a step by step guide for using a DL-TA in your classroom. The format is adaptable to various grade levels and different content areas.
For established readers using a DR-TA within a small group teachers can use the following questions to create a book mark. Students should use the bookmark to guide their discussions.

Directed Reading Thinking Activity

1. Introduction
What do you already know about this topic?
2. Predict
Looking at the title, what do you think the story is about? Why?
Looking at the pictures, what do you think the story will be about? Why?
3. Prove or Modify Predictions
After reading each section, answer the following:
Can you prove your predictions or do you need to modify them?
What do you think will happen next and why?
4. Reflect
After reading the entire selection answer the following:
What did you find in the text to prove or disprove your predictions?

Read, Write, Think offers an online interactive webbing tool. The tool allows students to move and organize information as well as change the layout and size of the web bubbles. The tool can be used as a pre-writing activity or as a comprehension strategy. Students can not save their work they must print out their finished webs.
Youth Learn offers some creative ways to use webs as teaching tools. Graphic organizers can not be printed directly from the site but the information and ideas are valuable.
Enchanted Learning has per formed webs in various styles. The webs can be used in any subject area from math to social studies.
Inspiration software can be purchased and loaded onto a desktop or laptop computer. The software is extremely flexible and can be used for various webbing exercises by either teachers or students.

Activating Prior Knowledge
Think port provides a blank spider map which can be printed for student use. A spider map can be used to help students organize and activate their prior knowledge on a new subject.
Think Port also offers an example of a preview guide used to active student’s prior knowledge. Teachers must read the text ahead of the students and select key phrases for students to read. Students read the phrases and decide if they agree or disagree with the statements.
EdHelper has several graphic organizer which are forms of concept maps. Use these maps to help activiate prior knowledge within a larger group of students.
This school district has gathered together many gaphic organizers for student use. The two most useful in activating prior knowledge would be: ‘making predictions’ and ‘PreReading Notes’.

Turn and Talk
Students will gain a deeper understanding of texts they read or listen to if they are asked to discuss them. Turn and talk is a strategy designed to faciliate student comprehension through conversation. Once a piece of text has been selected by a teacher they must then select stopping points throughout the text. Students are asked to read (or listen) and discuss througout the text.