Eight reasons to use paired text in your classroom or library:
1. To meet arsch
tate standards and school curricular goals.
2. Students become excited about what they are learning and retention is increased.
3. Develop students' background knowledge and create more meaningful connections while reading
4. Improve student reading comprehension
5. Increase student vocabulary
6. Improve critical thinking / higher order thinking skills
7. Enhance student writing
8. Meet two goals at once: expose students to high quality literature and present students content area information

List adapted from:
Camp, D. (2006). Pairing fiction & nonfiction: Strategies to build comprehension in the content areas. New York City, NY: Scholastic.

Looking for books to address a particular unit within a content area?
A great place to begin searching for titles which are directly aligned to the Illinois State standards is Follett's Titlewave site. Once you log in you can select the "curriculum" tab along the top. Select the content area and then the standard and grade level you would like to address. Titlewave will provide you with book lists (mainly non fiction) which address the standard and grade level you selected.

Paired Text Lists

Click on the subject area you would like to select books for.Each subject area link contains two book lists of paired texts.The lists on each page are organized by topic within the subject area.The embedded word documents include sample lists of paired texts (fiction and non fiction). Each pair of texts is correlated to an IllinoisState standard.

In addition, there are many links throughout this wiki which will take you to book lists for great read aloud titles as well as non fiction titles.

Social Studies



Have your students pair texts! Download this word document 'Pair It!' and start your students on the road to exploring paried texts.

Please remember that your school library media specialist can help in selecting books for your classroom.