Paired Fiction and Non Fiction Texts

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Reading both fiction and non fiction texts is especially important in primary classrooms. Best practice research in reading instruction has shown that primary students, while learning to read, should also be reading to learn. Reading Specialist Nell K. Duke has conducted much research concerning the amount of non fiction text primary students are exposed to. In 2001, she found that most first graders were only exposed to non fiction texts 3.6 minutes each day. Pairing non fiction texts in your classroom is one way to increase your students' exposure to non fiction texts.

Paired texts can be used for:

    • whole group read alouds
    • small group instruction (guided reading)
    • independent practice

Attached is a PowerPoint presentation that provides a basic overview of the benefits of reading aloud both fiction and non fiction texts. The presentation also covers some teaching strategies that can be used when teaching with paired fiction and non fiction texts.Much of the presentation is from the article It Takes Two: Teaching with Twin Texts of Fact and Fiction by Deanne Camp (Reading Teacher,2000). This can be used as a starting point to inspire teachers to think of creative ways to increase the amount of non fiction they are reading to and with their students.